Welcome to the East Montpelier Fire District organizational website!

PLEASE NOTE: The Fire District is no longer actively meeting after contract negotiations with Crystal Springs broke down. Please see the news page for more details.

We are a small group of volunteers exploring the possibility of taking over the Crystal Springs water company operations.  Crystal Springs Water Company has 115 connections in East Montpelier, and a moratorium has been imposed on any additional connections.  The moratorium was put in place by the state because there is no way to accurately measure the output capacity of each of the 3 water sources that feed the water supply.  As of January, 2011 we have applied for a planning loan from the State of Vermont, and have awarded a contract for Water System Evaluation that will be paid for with the funds from the loan.

Upcoming meetings:

We have a regular meeting at 7:00PM on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the East Montpelier Fire Department conference room.

History of the Fire District: We investigated several options, including forming a Fire District, a Homeowner's Association, or a Coop.  The latter 2 options require unanimity both to be formed, and for any decisions moving forward.  We believe this to be unwieldy and unlikely to be successful as it would be possible for any single member to exercise unfair power by threatening to break that unanimity.

A Fire District on the other hand, requires only 20 stakeholders to petition the select board, ongoing operations would be governed by a Prudential Committee and member votes would pass by a simple majority.  As a quasi-municipal organization, it would be subject to Open Meeting laws.  A Fire District does require the support of the Select Board, who vote on it's formation and ultimately preside over the first meeting of the prudential committee.

As of 13 June, 2012, we have completed the paperwork to receive a loan for performing a Planning and Feasibility Study from the Vermont Municipal Bond Bank.  We have approved, and are preparing to send, a one time bill for $20 to each existing customer of the Fire District to raise funds with which we will pay back the short term 'bridge' loan for the Engineering services listed previously.  We have also adopted our Rules and Regulations as a Civil Ordinance as of 6/13/2012 pending petitions to change them (see the Resources page for the Bylaws and Rules and Regulations documents).

We continue to encourage and welcome your input and attendance at all Fire District meetings, as we work toward ultimately purchasing the Crystal Springs Water Company.  We will continue to be as open and transparent as possible as we work through the details.